Corporations Without a Legal Department

Top Legal Talent. Smart Value.

Companies without an in-house legal department look to CYLA to cost-effectively handle day-to-day legal functions, to manage outside counsel, and to reduce risk exposure. CYLA’s team is made up of experienced business-minded attorneys who work only when needed and at a fraction of the cost hiring a full-time general counsel or outsourcing everything to a law firm. CYLA can assist your company with either our As Needed Counsel, or Interim GC solution.

The New Link in the Value Chain

CYLA adds a new link in the value chain — bridging the gap between the amount of legal work a company has and its budget for legal services.  

In today’s business environment, emerging growth and mid-size companies are facing an increased need for day-to-day legal support.  While these companies are not yet large enough to justify hiring a full-time general counsel, the expense of sending everything to an outside law firm can be cost prohibitive.   

The answer: CYLA!
CYLA partners with management teams to strategically analyze the company’s legal needs and identify areas that can be handled more efficiently and cost-effectively by CYLA’s team of attorneys. Programs are custom built for each company based its particular needs. The best solution for a company may be a corporate generalist to handle routine and repeatable tasks, and or it may be an experienced GC to strategically manage the company’s outside law firms and reduce risks. Or, it may be a subject matter expert to handle a specific complex issue or any combination of all these things.  Whatever the solution, CYLA guarantees both quality and affordability.

As Needed Counsel

If your company does not have the need to directly employee in house but has occasional legal tasks or projects that arise, CYLA can provide experienced attorneys, often with prior industry specific in house experience, at a value hard to match by traditional law firms. CYLA’s attorneys can help companies with day to day legal tasks such as negotiating and drafting contracts, IP issues, employment law issues (handbooks, agreements, severance, etc.), corporate governance and board meeting management, risk management, litigation and litigation management, financing, and M&A related issues.  CYLA provides clients the option of working closely with particular attorneys who will learn your business and with whom you can develop a close working relationship. CYLA’s As Needed Counsel solution is available either onsite or remotely, and can be provided on a full or part time basis.

Interim GC

CYLA’s Interim GC service allows companies without a legal department, or with a current gap in the GC position, to retain the services of an attorney with prior GC or senior level in house experience. The Interim GC service allows companies to retain experienced in house attorneys with more of a focus on the strategic management of legal tasks and risks, including helping companies determine what legal work should be handled “in house” and what work would be more appropriate for an outside law firm. In addition to helping a company strategically manage its legal work, CYLA’s interim GC’s will also roll up their sleeves and do the work as well. CYLA’s Interim GC solution is available either onsite or remotely, and can be provided on a full or part time basis.

The CYLA Team

CYLA’s innovative business model attracts top legal talent but removes the overhead of a traditional law firm and passes the savings on to its clients. CYLA’s legal team is made up of attorneys across the country with extensive experience in a broad range of practice areas and industries. Most CYLA attorneys are subject matter experts and have a blend of law firm and in-house experience. Many have business backgrounds and have served as General Counsel and in other senior in-house positions.

Quality is never compromised by choosing CYLA. Oftentimes, CYLA attorneys are more experienced and more responsive than their traditional law firm counterparts. CYLA attracts top talent by offering flexible schedules and relieving its attorneys of the business development pressures inherent in today’s traditional law firm partnership tracks.


Our practice groups include:

  • Commercial Contracts
  • Compliance/Regulatory
  • Corporate/Securities
  • Employment & Labor
  • Government
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation
  • Real Estate
  • Tax/Employee Benefits


CYLA attorneys come from many industries, including:

  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • HealthCare
  • Insurance
  • Pharma/Life Sciences
  • Retail/Consumer Services
  • Technology
  • Telecom/Entertainment
  • Transportation


Experience before CYLA:

CYLA's Team

 cyla team


How Companies Without Legal Departments Have Used CYLA’s Services:

  • To provide corporate or commercial transactional support  such as  contracts management, corporate finance, securities, registrations and filings, labor & employment, and litigation management
  • To supplement the servicing work of outside counsel on specialized projects, such as M&A due diligence, IP/patent transactions and portfolio management, international trade compliance and more
  • To handle all routine repeatable legal functions;
  • To increase predictability in legal costs by decreasing overall legal spend;
  • To address daily legal matters, as well as unexpected issues, as needed — with no fixed expenses;
  • To access cost-effective, high quality legal services delivered by an experienced General Counsel only when you need it 
  • To be proactive in preventing legal issues, reducing overall risk and legal costs to the company
  • To add an “on demand” embedded strategic business partner to your management team.
  • To coordinate and manage the services of outside law firms

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