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 “LES” is More:  Better Business. More Value.

CYLA’s Law Firm Enhancement Service (“LES”) is an innovative program that provides law firms and practice groups with access to CYLA’s team of specialized attorneys to accomplish more work and to create new streams of revenue — bridging the gap between the traditional law firm model and the rapidly changing legal marketplace. 

A New Look at the Legal Supply Chain

It is not a secret that the practice of law is changing. Today, consumers of legal services are demanding more value for every dollar of legal spend. In order to compete, law firms need to look beyond their traditional structure and find new innovative and efficient ways of delivering quality legal services to their clients. This is why law firms turn to CYLA.

CYLA’s Law Firm Enhancement Service does not replace the traditional law firm, but rather it offers law firms and practice groups the opportunity to enhance their service offerings and approach the practice of law more strategically.

CYLA partners with law firms to identify areas where CYLA’s team of specialized attorneys can provide the flexibility and expertise needed to offer alternative billing arrangements, to tackle more work, and to develop new business. 

With the help of CYLA, law firms can successfully compete for a larger slice of the legal supply chain without compromising profitability or increasing their headcount. Whether you are a specialty boutique or among the Am Law 100, CYLA will keep you both competitive and profitable.


When to Use CYLA:

  • When your existing clients have a specialized matter that requires a subject matter expert your firm does not have;
  • When you need to present an alternative billing arrangement that is both attractive to your client and profitable for your firm;
  • When your existing clients have smaller or lower rate matters they typically send elsewhere because they are not profitable using your firm’s traditional attorney resources;
  • When workflow expands faster than the ability to hire additional attorneys, or when a surge in work may only be temporary;
  • When you need to submit a bid in today’s competitive RFP-driven environment;
  • When your client has a large matter your firm lacks the bandwidth to complete on time;
  • When your client has deadlines your firm lacks the capacity to meet;
  • When your firm has the expertise to handle a client matter, but it lacks the headcount to get the work done;
  • When your client is looking for a full-service solution within a budget that is not profitable using your  firm’s traditional attorney resources;
  • When you want to give your clients outstanding customer service and high quality work that is affordable, within budget and on time.
  • When you would like to increase your ability to capture new billings with current clients in areas in which your firm does not specialize.

The CYLA Team

CYLA’s legal team is made up of attorneys across the country with extensive experience in a broad range of practice areas and industries.



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